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Whats Included?

 The Marketplace Masterclass 

The exact process I use to find profitable deals on platforms like Facebook Marketplace. I walk you through how you can price out phones in any market to determine if they are profitable; How to consistently find profitable deals, the exact offer strategy I use when buying phones, as well as the negotiating framework I used to make as much as $30,000/month on Facebook Marketplace alone. 

You will also get a PDF Buying Guide that goes over what models to buy, common issues, and the time they take to sell.  

Resale Masterclass

The exact sales strategy I use to sell inventory at the top of the market for the maximum amount of profit. I share a direct buyer who can buy all of your inventory, show you how to build your own network of buyers who will pay a premium for your inventory, and show you how you can use platforms like Ebay to take full control of your sales process and get the most profit for your used devices. All tied together into one process you can use to quickly and efficiently sell your inventory for the maximum amount of profit.

Repair Secrets

My Parts Suppliers (USA, Canada + Worldwide Suppliers)

Secret to $10 or less Screen Replacements (Worldwide)

Guide to Getting The Best Rates from Repair Shops 

Email Template for Finding Repair Shops

Step By Step Tutorials  

Step by Step Ebay Listing Process

Tracking Inventory

My Testing Process

How to Ship Phones

How to Avoid Buying Locked/Stolen Phones

Grading Guide

AND My $10,000 + Per Month Business Plan

To tie it all together, I break down the exact Business Plan I would use to scale this business to $10,000 or more per month.

Enrollment for Version 1 is closed. Version 2 of the course is in the works! Join the waitlist for Version 2 to be notified when it goes live. 


Questions? Email me at [email protected]


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